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We are a high standard sport fishing operation between Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, in the north of the state of Amazonas.
Our infrastructure is very different, a true revolution in the quality standards of the region and even of Brazil: We have a fleet of 15 Bass Boats with 115 HP engines, providing High Performance, a lot of comfort, safety and dynamism to change points.
Our luxurious Jungle Hotel has 14 private chalets, restaurant, international cuisine, Bar, TV room, Steakhouse, Balconies, Swimming pool, decks, trails, spacious gardens, white sand beaches very close and an exuberant nature.


We are located at the mouth of the Arirarrá River and the Negro River, approximately 110 km above the city of Barcelos-Amazonas, the freshwater sport fishing capital of the world. Our Hotel and our fisheries are in the Amazon Forest, the largest Tropical Forest in the world, where the largest peacock bass in the world and 1/3 (one third) of the world’s Biodiversity are found!


Amazon Xplor was an evolution of Operation “Eribert Marquez” by the founding partner of the company of the same name, which in 2006 developed a high-quality fishing operation in partnership with the best Pousadas on Lake Serra da Mesa, in Goiás, establishing a National reference work for the most demanding customers with quality.
To meet its growing demand, the Goiás lake became small, and in 2016 it decided to migrate its operation to the immense Barcelos-AM, where the Operation was entitled “Eribert Marquez Amazon” and until 2019, this occurred in partnership with another Hotel, in Rio Black.
In 2020, an imposing yacht was rented to operate until a hotel of its own was built. In 2021, a new Partnership was signed with a major client, Sidney Ruiz, when it was possible to complete the construction of our hotel complex Hotel, on the Arirarrá River, which opened on August 28, 2021.


Our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience to our customers, both in Fishing and in Accommodation (both high standard All inclusive).
We aim at the excellence of our services to guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers, in order to operate with the highest quality and the minimum impact on the environment.
We practice only Sport Fishing – CATCH AND RELEASE , and we pioneered the adoption of reference measures in the region for the preservation of our natural resources, such as:

  • All buildings are 100% on stilts, without soil waterproofing;
  • Complementary solar energy to the generator set;
  • Smart energy saving system with light sensors;
  • Sewage Treatment Stations (ETEs) in 100% of the Hotel;
  • Garbage collection;
  • Destination of recyclable waste for cooperatives in Barcelos;
  • Reuse of laundry water;
  • On-site fuel station for safe storage and fueling;
  • Aerated ponds on the boats to retrieve the fish after the photo is taken and then released on the shore, in order to protect them from porpoises and other opportunistic predators;
  • All our fish is purchased from nurseries, we do not slaughter fish from the river;
  • Environmental education with our employees and in the regions where we fish;
  • Financial support for riverside communities and the city of Barcelos-AM;
  • Team training with our vision of sustainability;
  • Planting of native seedlings and recovery of degraded areas;
  • Among other mitigation and compensation measures for socio-environmental impacts.

We employ 40 to 60 people directly or indirectly during the fishing season, which runs from September to March each year. From April to August, the hotel is closed due to river floods, but we still have a team of approximately 30 people, with direct or indirect jobs (outsourced).
Our team is constantly trained to provide excellent service and we seek to motivate our employees with high valuation, both financially and morally (such as decent housing, quality all-inclusive stay, wi-fi internet, democratic management, among other exclusive valuation measures in isolated areas of the Amazon).


We are privileged with rich and beautiful varieties of fish, but the main species sought after by sport fishermen are:

• Cichla temensis (Peacock bass, Peacock bass)
• Cichla orinocensis (Butterfly peacock bass)
• Brachyplatystoma filamentosum (Piraíba)
• Phractocephalus hemioliopterus (Pirarara)



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